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Cold Water Extraction

Remove standing water before it destroys your home or business!

After you spot water damage in your home rest assured Yorba Linda Water Damage is here to help. We have rescued hundreds of clients’ homes from total ruin before and we will continue to do so. When you face standing water in your home or commercial property, do not, take a household vacuum to the problem. Contact us at Yorba Linda Water Damage and we will arrive on site within 30 minutes after your call.

When performing cold water extraction we use submersible pumps installed beneath floorboards to properly remove the standing water at an efficient pace. Once we remove the standing water from all affected areas we take a survey of the water leftover. Water often seeps into the floorboards, behind drywall or gets trapped behind ceiling panels, if you have mostly drywall material in your building.

When we are sure that all standing water is removed we take a look at the affected areas and all areas surrounding it with an infra red camera. This camera is very effective in spotting hidden water pockets that can cause serious damage if left unnoticed. Concealed water pockets can jumpstart mold formation in places you do not want it to happen. We want to rid your home of any harmful mold growth before it is too late to repair.

After we have removed all the standing water from your home or commercial property we will begin the in place drying procedures. Our in place drying technology is less invasive and takes less time because we use larger industrial air blowers that work faster to get you back at home sooner.

Yorba Linda Water Damage Experts work 24 hours 7 days a week ensuring anyone who has a water damage disaster can reach us immediately. Water damage is a time sensitive issue, and we are very aware of this. We make sure our expert technicians are available when you need us most.

Contact us today and find out why we partner with hundreds of customers to restore serious water damage disasters. Dial us by phone 714-312-3044

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